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Client Testimonials
  • "Medical marijuana gave me my life back. I can make plans again, work again, enjoy life again, all because of medical marijuana. It saved my life." by HCB, Former Client
  • "Medical marijuana has given me some mental peace that I have not experienced in 50 years. It doesn’t take it away but it does soften the past experiences of combat." by Richard B., Former Client
  • "I applied for medical marijuana and pain reduced big time. Now I can relax and sleep, now I can volunteer and do all the activities I love." by Mary, Former Client
  • "After my first treatment I noticed a difference right away. I had no side effects and was able to fully function. I suggest you try it and change your life." by Steve R., Former Client
  • "After dealing with some of these for 20+ years it is AWESOME to have these conditions finally under some control that seems reasonable. Frankly, I haven’t had a quality of life this good in a very long time." by Tom, Former Client

Mississippi Medical Marijuana FAQs

If you have any questions which are not answered below, please contact us.

Every patient should carefully consider the financial and health implications of applying for a medicinal marijuana card. The following are some of the reasons why an individual might want to apply for a card instead of acquiring marijuana illegally:

1) Safety First

In Mississippi, dispensary products are subject to significantly more strict rules than anything obtained unlawfully. Mississippi dispensary licensees are required by the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy to invest significantly in quality control methods. When opposed to the illegal market, which has recently been discovered to be tainted with lethal drugs such as fentanyl, the advantages of legal medical marijuana are clear.

2) Dosing Options and Support

As a result of their medication, a high number of medical marijuana users report feeling better. It may not be the greatest solution for the patient or their medical condition in some circumstances. Mississippi medical marijuana businesses provide a wide range of dosage options. Oral drops, capsules, topicals, and a variety of other forms of intake are among the various alternatives. You may find a list of licensed Mississippi dispensaries here.

3) Keep it Legal!

The most obvious reason to obtain a medical marijuana card in Mississippi is to comply with the law. It is still illegal in Mississippi to use marijuana without a doctor’s prescription. Why take the chance of getting prosecuted when legally obtaining medication is so simple?

The Mississippi medical marijuana doctors at TruReleafMD can answer any questions you have about Mississippi’s medical marijuana program.

As part of your initial appointment, TruReleaf MD physicians ask that you bring any relevant medical records to the clinic. Please also have a valid Mississippi driver’s license or other proof of residency with you.

When you arrive at the clinic for your visit, you won’t need your medical marijuana card. Even before you receive your patient ID number, a medical cannabis provider like TruReleaf MD must qualify you and conduct an examination to guarantee you’re eligible to apply for a medical marijuana card from the state’s Office of Medical Cannabis Use. Take our preliminary qualification survey by clicking here.

Because cannabis is still illegal under federal law, no insurance provider has chosen to cover cannabis-related treatments.

We place a high focus on adhering to HIPAA regulations. Your personal health information will be kept private and safe if you share it with us.

Those who have been diagnosed with one of the many medical disorders that qualify for medicinal marijuana can utilize cannabis  to relieve their symptoms. The following are a few instances, however they are by no means comprehensive:


Anyone who has been diagnosed with a condition that qualifies for the use of medical marijuana in Mississippi can receive a medical marijuana card in Mississippi. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you get your medical marijuana card, which you can find here.

Currently, the state of Mississippi permits the following forms of consumption for Medical Marijuana:

  • Pills
  • Oils
  • Topicals
  • Tinctures
  • Liquids
  • Dermal Patches
  • Vapor

Before using any ingested cannabis product, you should always consult with your medical cannabis professional.

Cannabinoids (CBD, THC, and other compounds) are absorbed into the bloodstream when treats are consumed. The cannabinoids will pass through the liver first, where they will be processed metabolically.

The effects are often more gradual and can last much longer because the process takes longer than other types of intake, such as smoking, and the metabolites act for a longer length of time.

Medical marijuana in edible form has several benefits and can treat a variety of conditions, including:

The MS Medical Cannabis Act expressly forbids the use of medical cannabis in any form while in public or while operating a motor vehicle. Dispensaries sell cannabis for personal use only, not for consumption on the premises.

Employers in Mississippi are NOT required to accommodate their employees’ medical cannabis use on the job or make any adjustments to a worker’s job description in order to comply with the state’s medical marijuana law. The only potential catch is how that provision may be affected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA’s “disability” definition is broad enough to encompass many of the conditions that Mississippians need to qualify for medical cannabis use. Given the statutory exemption for employers under the Mississippi law, it is unclear whether medical cannabis use would be a valid accommodation. If an applicant or employee has tested positive for THC in their system, their employer can refuse to hire them or take other negative action under Mississippi law. According to state law, employers have the right to take action against workers who use marijuana while on the clock. It seems like those clauses give companies legal cover to argue that marijuana use isn’t a reasonable ADA accommodation. To date, a judge still has yet to rule on this matter in Mississippi.

There has been a recent surge in the use of microdosing among both recreational and medical cannabis users. To enjoy THC’s effects without letting them get in the way of your day-to-day activities, some people resort to microdosing. Microdosing is a method of using cannabis in which users consume very small doses of the drug in order to gain the therapeutic benefits of THC without experiencing the disorienting psychoactive effects that can prevent them from carrying out their daily responsibilities.

Edibles are a great way to take a low dose of THC. A major reason for this is that edibles are much simpler to dose than flower or concentrate. Most edibles that are meant to be chewed come in dosages ranging from 2.5 milligrams to 10 milligrams, making it easier to divide the edible into smaller portions. It’s important to keep in mind that it may take some time for an edible to take effect. To rule out a delayed reaction, it’s best to wait at least an hour before taking more.

Patients should bring a list to their doctor’s visits or pharmacies that includes the names and dosages of all medications they take, not just those they get from a pharmacy. Any time a patient suspects a negative reaction to a medication, they should contact their healthcare provider or pharmacist before discontinuing use. It is imperative that you tell your Mississippi Medical Marijuana doctor about any and all medications you are currently taking.

Yes, as the legislation rolls out and the program becomes established, Mississippi lawmakers have the ability to add additional conditions to the list of ailments that qualify for medical cannabis in Mississippi. 

Currently, no. Unfortunately, no individuals in Mississippi, not even a medical marijuana patient, is allowed to cultivate their own cannabis. However, there is currently legislation, House Bill 1309, which, if passed, would allow Mississippi medical marijuana patients to grow their own cannabis. Any resident of Mississippi who has been diagnosed with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, or post-traumatic stress disorder by a licensed physician may cultivate up to six marijuana plants for personal use on their own property if the bill passes.

Yes, employers still have the right to drug test their employees for marijuana or any other illicit substance. According to Mississippi law, a company can penalize or fire an employee for using medical marijuana even if the employee has a valid recommendation from a certified medical marijuana doctor in Mississippi.

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