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Client Testimonials
  • "Medical marijuana has given me some mental peace that I have not experienced in 50 years. It doesn’t take it away but it does soften the past experiences of combat." by Richard B., Former Client
  • "I applied for medical marijuana and pain reduced big time. Now I can relax and sleep, now I can volunteer and do all the activities I love." by Mary, Former Client
  • "After my first treatment I noticed a difference right away. I had no side effects and was able to fully function. I suggest you try it and change your life." by Steve R., Former Client
  • "After dealing with some of these for 20+ years it is AWESOME to have these conditions finally under some control that seems reasonable. Frankly, I haven’t had a quality of life this good in a very long time." by Tom, Former Client
  • "Overall I am extremely happy and would recommend this to anyone who could benefit. It is truly an amazing medicine and I just hope enough people can open their eyes wide enough to see that." by Jill, Former Client

Who Qualifies for Medical Marijuana in Mississippi?

Permanent Mississippi residents and seasonal residents with a qualifying condition that reside in the state may be eligible for an Mississippi medical marijuana card. The physicians at TruReleaf MD are specially trained and certified to assist you with your medical marijuana needs. TruReleaf MD’s Mississippi medical marijuana clinics provides affordable, accessible cannabis care to patients 21+ years of age.

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Conditions which may be eligible for a medical card include, but are not limited to, those listed below. If your condition is not listed, please select "Another Debilitating Condition" and enter the condition(s) in the field provided.
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