TruReleaf Dosing Support Call Center for Mississippi Medical Marijuana Patients

Please call (614) 714-6043 to reach the TruReleaf customer service team.

Inquiries about appointment times, clinic locations, and payment methods are all things we can help you with. Our call service can help many of our patients with dosing questions. In the event that your question requires a clinical response, we’ll be happy to connect you with your doctor. Medical marijuana doctors in Mississippi can be reached by calling (614) 714-6043.

Make the Call!

Dosage modifications, administration routes, and product selection are all things we can help with.

  • Support with Scheduling
  • Questions about Dosing
  • Payment Questions
  • Help Finding a Nearby Medical Marijuana Clinic
  • Routes of Administration
  • Product Selection

Our Patient Care Coordinators can connect with your primary physician for dosing questions and revisions if a more clinical response is required.

TruReleaf MD strives to create strong physician-patient relationship with any of our medical marijuana patients in Mississippi. Patients who want to get the most out of their cannabis therapy need a solid call center with a consistent point of contact, according to TruReleaf’s specialists. When you need help, being able to get a quick and knowledgeable response can mean the difference between being able to control your symptoms and having a therapy that doesn’t work.

Call Center Hours at TruReleaf

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Messages left after hours will be returned the following weekday.

A medicinal cannabis patient’s goal is to treat symptoms of debilitating chronic conditions while reducing the intoxicating side effects of THC. This can be challenging, but having an experienced Medical Marijuana doctor in Mississippi on hand can assist you in determining how to achieve the greatest results. Do you have any questions concerning ratios, terpenes, dosing, or anything else? Please call us at (614) 714-6043 if you have any questions.

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